Lucky Bucky

Behind the Design:

Lucky Bucky is made of 11,759 Lincoln pennies with all of the pennies being heads up, with a few exceptions. One of each type of Lincoln penny is showing the tail side-Wheat, Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln Bicentennial, 2009 (4 designs), and Union Shield. There is even a no-longer-minted Canadian penny in the mix. See if you can find them!

Post-parade location to be determined

Underwood Events

About the Artist:

Emily J Wirkus
Image result for profile picture placeholderI moved to Madison in 1999 for college. I fell in love with the city and decided to stay once I graduated. I spent nearly 20 years in Madison enjoying the capital city and Badger game days. It was only recently that I moved to Green Bay to be with my fiancée who is attending medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay. I work for the University of Wisconsin and was fortunate enough to find a position that allows me to continue to be employed with the university in Green Bay.