“Thank you for giving me an excuse to go back and visit the Farmer’s Market on the square and my alma mater. I was able to show my husband around and we absolutely loved finding the statues that we did! I only wish we had time for more trips so we could have found more of them!”


“…we had a magical final summer living in Madison and Buckys on Parade helped us get the most out of the place we love. We can’t wait to come back next summer for a visit, and perhaps someday move back for good!”

“What a great way to get out and see the city, get some exercise, and see some pretty amazing art on our favorite mascot! A win-win for all ages!!”

“I wish we could do this every summer. There are so many beautiful parks and sites in Dane County! We met so many friendly people – of all ages- as we took turns posing with ‘our’ Buckys. We were in it together and enjoyed the experience immensely. Thank you!!”

“We had a blast! I went with different people on different days, but the last trip was with my 89 year old mother. She had so much fun walking to some and being wheeled in a chair to some. We have many pictures to remember that day. And the best part was meeting Mike Leckrone at band practice! The Bucky idea was fabulous!!”

“PLEASE!!!…do something like this again! It was so much fun for my kids to see all of Madison and gave us something to look forward to each week in the summer. We took for granted how much Madison has to offer and how beautiful it is downtown and the surrounding areas.”

“I loved this even more so was running into others that had the maps and made it a family event. It was great seeing so many people “unplugged” and getting out!”

“Please do it again! My two year old has never been so excited about anything in his life! He walked around the house saying “see Bucky?” all the time! This was an unforgettable experience!”

“I saw them solo the first time I came to Madison this summer. Just awesome! On my second visit I saw them with my 4 year old niece. Seeing her so engaged with her surroundings and yelling “there’s another Bucky!!” was something I’ll never forget. In a day and age when most kiddos are glued to their iPads, this was such a breath of fresh air! Amazing job!”

“My Bucky exploration consisted of 2 trips from Georgia, 4 days of hunting, for a total of about 17 hrs. I had had 7 different family members who accompanied me on different days. I created my own book and will cherish the memories that were created on this journey!”

“I absolutely loved finding all the Buckys! Summer of 2018 belongs to Bucky.”

“What an excellent way to give a fun (free!) summer adventure to the community. I loved seeing the statues, but even more I loved seeing families out in Madison being active and excited about spending time together!”

“I loved the opportunity to hear from the artists and learn more about their process for submitting, designing and executing. I also love how we can continue to see some of the statues in the community!”

“Searching for Buckys is a brilliant idea ♡ I love that it combined people you knew, or people you didn’t…it was conversation starter, brought me to places I’ve never visited which was super fun…and introduced me and my people to new restaurants!! Being a tourist in my own area felt exciting and reminded me why Madison is such a great area. Thanks!”

“I was off over the summer with my newborn and three year old son. My husband and I have lived in Madison for over 13 years and Bucky on parade made me fall in love again with Madison. The most amazing summer I have ever had, thank you!!!!”

“We spent thousands of dollars on other vacations this summer, but for my kids- 3 and 6, this was the highlight. They still haven’t stopped talking about it and we’re obsessed with the pursuit and checking twitter for pictures and updates every night. We only made two trips unfortunately and had we known how much fun they would have, we would have started the journey earlier in the year. We found 58 in total. We are planning on using the website which lists where some of the buckys were located to continue our pursuit next summer. This was the only time I think ever that my kids didn’t complain about walking all day —and in heat— because they were so laser beam focused on finding the next Bucky.”

“It was actually what brought my boyfriend & I together! His picture on his online dating site was of him & “I am Bucky”. I had found about 30 of them before I knew him, and the first thing I ever said to him was that I was Bucky hunting, but hadn’t find “I am Bucky yet!” So then our first couple of dates were finishing the Bucky hunt & our first ever picture together was in front of the Rugby Bucky. We both now have pins for finding them all and I show my third grade classroom all of the time. :)”