Bucky on Parade Project Team

Project Lead
Kate Dale

Project Assistants
Amber Wiza
Ellen Larson

Executive Committee
Deb Archer, Chair
Joe Boucher, Chair
Turina Bakken
Lauren Birkel
Paula Bonner
Jane Clark
Justin Doherty
Nancy Francisco-Welke
Heather Garrison
Jim Kennedy
Tricia Nolan
Jeanette Riechers

Marketing Committee
Turina Bakken, Chair
Kate Dale, Staff Lead
Ellen Larson, Staff Lead
Corinne Burgermeister
Rob Crain
Rob Gard
Tiffany Kenney
Kevin Kluender
Amy LaPlante
Angie Maniaci
Kevin Phelps
Corinn Ploessl
Ellen Roeder
Stacey Scannell
Jill Schmitz
Diane Stojanovich
Kristin Uttech

Artist Recruitment Committee
Jeanette Riechers, Chair
Diane Morgenthaler, Staff Lead
Mark Fraire
Josette Jaucian
Danielle Lawry
Heather Owens
Jamie Patrick
Karin Wolf 

Operations Committee
Lauren Birkel, Chair
Jamie Patrick, Staff Lead
Janine Wachter, Staff Lead
Megan Blake-Horst
Katie Crawley
Daniel Einstein
Greg Frank
Terry Gawlik
Nancy Hoffman
Brandon Holstein
Mark Ihlenfeldt
Jason Ilstrup
Tim Jenquin
Kelli Lamberty
Lisa Laschinger
Julie Murphy Agnew
Claire Oleksiak
Ted Peterson
Chris Petykowski
Laura Portz
Jason Rittel
Elise Ruoho
Darrin Smith

Sponsorship Committee
Jane Clark, Chair
Kristin Wensing, Staff Lead
Kyle Buchmann
Heather Garrison
Marc Sherry
Scott Silvestri
Mike Unitan

Special Thanks
With a project of this magnitude, it truly took a village to bring it to life. In addition to the Bucky on Parade project team, we’d like to give a special thanks to a few of the many others who have been instrumental in making Bucky on Parade happen.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank, Vice Chancellor Charles Hoslet and Assistant Vice-Chancellor Tricia Nolan from the University of Wisconsin for their support in this exciting community event.

The partners who worked tirelessly behind the scenes as we prepared to bring these statues to the streets of Madison and Dane County, including Madison College, Lycon, Two Men and a Truck and Cullen. Your commitment inspired us.

Our parade partners, sponsors, artists and host locations for all 85 statues—Bucky on Parade wouldn’t have been possible without you.

The Madison Area Sports Commission Board of Directors, under the leadership of our chair, Chris Armstrong.

The Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors and Staff.

Focal Flame Photography for your dedication in documenting the year-long process.

Thank you to all of you and the countless others who supported this project, all for the love of Bucky.