Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bucky on Parade?


Bucky on Parade is a public art event that will bring over 80 life-size Bucky Badger statues to the streets of Madison and Dane County from May 7 to September 12, 2018. Local and regional artists will bring these Bucky statues to life by transforming them into unique pieces of art.


When will it take place?


Bucky on Parade will debut May 7, 2018 and will run through the summer with the final farewell taking place September 12, 2018.

Why Bucky on Parade?

Everyone loves Bucky, and what better way to share our love for our favorite mascot than create 100 life-size statues of him, that are transformed into beautiful and fun pieces of art for the community and visitors to enjoy throughout the summer. And it’s all for a good cause!

Who will this event benefit?

In addition to being a community event for all to enjoy, Bucky on Parade will also raise funds to support two primary organizations—Garding Against Cancer and the Madison Area Sports Commission. Garding Against Cancer was founded by Greg Gard, Wisconsin men’s basketball coach, and his wife Michelle, in partnership with the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association, to raise funds and awareness for cancer research and care in the state of Wisconsin. The Madison Area Sports Commission was founded in 2010 by the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau, with the mission of bringing sporting events to the Greater Madison area that increase economic impact for our community and enhance the quality of life for the residents of Dane County.

Where will the statues be placed?

Our project team is currently working on the map with exact locations, but the statues will be found throughout downtown Madison and into the UW-Madison campus. Additionally, we plan to place Bucky’s in other areas of Madison and Dane County. We dare you to find them all!

Who is planning this event?

The Madison Area Sports Commission is the producer of this event, with support from the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau. Additional project partners include the University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW Athletics, and the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association. A project team of over 50 staff and volunteers are working to put together the plans and operations for this event, and are excited to share their work with the public in 2018.

What happens to the statues after the Parade?

Statues that are already owned by a sponsor will be cleaned up and moved to their final home with the sponsor. Approximately 30 statues will be available for auction at The Red Party on September 29. Visit (Red Party page) to learn more!

Can I sponsor or buy a Bucky statue?

Sponsorship sales have ended, but select statues will be available to buy at auction at our Red Party on September 29, 2018. Learn more about The Red Party and auction here.

How can I get involved?

Throughout the Bucky on Parade planning process and event, there will be countless ways for you to get involved. To start, you can join the Bucky on Parade Fan Club to get updates on the event as planning progresses. For other event questions or comments, you can reach us at

How can kids enjoy Bucky on Parade?

Stay tuned for details on a map and Kid’s Activity Guide, which will be available throughout the summer. Kids ages 12 and under will be able to earn prizes by visiting a variety of the Bucky statues! Prizes available while supplies last.

Where do I find the Golden Bucky?

Golden Bucky will be moving around the Greater Madison area throughout the Parade. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn where he’ll be next and stop by to visit him at festivals and community events all summer long!

What are the physical dimensions of the Bucky statues (size and weight)?

Each Bucky statue will be 6’ tall and will stand atop a 6” high round base. The base will have a circumference of 4’. The statue will weigh about 118 pounds.

What are the statues made of?

The statues are made of fiberglass and were created by FAST Corporation in Sparta, Wisconsin. The thickness of the fiberglass wall will vary somewhat but will average around ¼” thick.

Will the statues be built and anchored to the ground?

During the parade months, all Bucky statues that are placed outside will sit on top of a 400-pound cement wafer to secure statues for display. The statue will have a base incorporated into the design that will be placed over the cement wafer, so the cement will not be visible. Once the statue is given to its owner after the parade, the sponsor can choose to take the cement wafer, but it is not needed for the statue to stay upright.

Who is responsible for the upkeep, repair and liability of the Bucky statues?

Madison Events, LLC (“Madison Events”) a wholly owned subsidiary of Madison Area Sports Commission is responsible for cleaning and repairing any statues that get damaged during the Parade. Each statue will be secured in a 400-lb. concrete base. Madison Events is assuming liability for statue damage or possible injury. Madison Events has secured liability insurance for the Parade and this coverage includes each Bucky statue.

Who do I contact if I notice damage to a Bucky statue?

Please report any damage by calling 608.255.2537 or emailing

Can I use the Bucky on Parade logo?

The Bucky on Parade logo can be used to promote a sponsor’s participation in Bucky on Parade ONLY. Sponsors may not use the Parade logo or Statue for advertising, marketing and/or promotional purposes during the Parade or any time in the future. Sponsors may not use the Bucky Badger trademark, owned by the University of Wisconsin, in conjunction with Parade promotion or promotion of the sponsor’s own goods and services during the Parade or at any time in the future.

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