Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bucky on Parade?

Bucky on Parade was a public art event that brought 85 life-size Bucky Badger statues to the streets of Madison and Dane County. Local and regional artists brought these Bucky statues to life by transforming them into unique pieces of art.

When did it take place?

Bucky on Parade ran from May 7, 2018–September 12, 2018.

Where are the statues now?

After Bucky on Parade ended on September 12, 2018, the Buckys were removed from their Parade locations and either returned to their sponsors or auctioned off at the Bucky on Parade Finale Party. You can learn more about their current locations here.

Who did this event benefit?

In addition to being a community event for all to enjoy, Bucky on Parade also raised funds to support two primary organizations—Garding Against Cancer and the Madison Area Sports Commission. Garding Against Cancer was founded by Greg Gard, Wisconsin men’s basketball coach, and his wife Michelle, in partnership with the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association, to raise funds and awareness for cancer research and care in the state of Wisconsin. The Madison Area Sports Commission was founded in 2010 by the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau, with the mission of bringing sporting events to the Greater Madison area that increase economic impact for our community and enhance the quality of life for the residents of Dane County.

Who planned this event?

The Madison Area Sports Commission produced this event, with support from the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau. Additional project partners included the University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW Athletics, and the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association. A project team of over 50 staff and volunteers worked to put together the plans and operations for this event.

Can I buy a Bucky statue?

All of the Bucky statues have been purchased by sponsors or at the Finale Party auction. Any further use of Bucky Badger must be licensed through the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

What are the physical dimensions of the Bucky statues (size and weight)?

Each Bucky statue is 6’ tall, with a base circumference of 4’. The statues weigh about 118 pounds.

What are the statues made of?

The statues are made of fiberglass and were created by FAST Corporation in Sparta, Wisconsin. The thickness of the fiberglass wall varies somewhat but averages around ¼” thick.

Can I use the Bucky on Parade logo?

The Bucky on Parade logo and Bucky Badger trademark are owned by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and cannot be used without permission.

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