Sconnie B. Goode

Behind the Design:

Sconnie B. Goode is an unusual mix of three areas — my interest in vintage advertising and lettering (paper, fabric and tin), steampunk sculpture (metal and wood) and rustic Adirondack furniture (birch bark and twigs). As I began gathering my materials, I noticed a strong theme of town names emerging — cities and towns from all over Wisconsin. We have a fantastic mascot for this state. Bucky's fierce stance provided the perfect attitude and form on which to celebrate the bold history and industry of Wisconsin's people and places.

Kayser Ford Lincoln Showroom
2303 W Beltline Hwy

Badger Bus est. 1920


Michael Roberts

As a graphic designer, I've always been interested in the artistry and craftsmanship of vintage lettering — in books, on old signs, labels and packaging. I also prefer to use vintage materials and originals in my assemblage work, because of the character each piece possesses — it gets all the more interesting when I use a large quantity of them together. I love working in large scale, so I was thrilled to be included among the artists for this event. Thank you so much for bringing Bucky on Parade to Wisconsin!