We All Fit Together

Behind the Design:

Each of the individual shapes in this design take the form of colorful, 3-tipped organic figures, fitting together with white space between them. The overall effect is marvelous, but dizzying and a bit chaotic; the white space restores order, and the varying colors add depth. Because each of the "fingers" of the figures fit into a space close to another figure, they fit together like puzzle pieces, and seamlessly cover the surface.

Cannery Square
Cannery Place
Sun Prairie

Sun Prairie Tourism Commission

About the Artist:

Sara Nagreen
I like the idea of being presented with a blank representation of something we all know (Bucky) and personalizing it to make it express something different. I've seen many of the other projects in this vein, and always thought, "what would I do if I had the chance to do something like that?" When I read about the application process, I jumped at the chance. Art is my hobby. I enjoy the release of being able to explore through creating art and turn my IT brain off for a while.