Work Safe Bucky

Behind the Design:

Bucky is up for the job with a hard hat, safety glasses and clipboard full of tasks to complete. This statue is inspired by the artist's occupation—helping employers make their work sites more safe and healthy.

Tri-North Builders, Inc.
2625 Research Park Dr

Tri-North Builders, Inc.

About the Artist:

Danica Harrier
I really enjoy the process of creating something new. It’s an adventure. It requires sustained focus, as every small piece must fit to form a larger whole. The work is purposeful and puts your mind in a zone it otherwise doesn’t occupy. Similar to reading—where you’re transported mentally to another location or space in time while your body remains grounded—creating is much the same. You’re physically occupying space here-and-now while your brain is making less tangible decisions about shading, brush strokes and layering as you drive towards an elusive future result.